New Registration

We provide services to open micro-enterprise accounts in the following sectors, if you are unsure you belong in this list, you can always give us a call at +33140346468 (11:30-19:00) or email us at [email protected].

  • Food Delivery partner
  • Cook/Server/Barman (Restauration)
  • Hotel receptionist
  • Travelling vendor
  • Hair stylist
  • Make-up specialist
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • IT and computer specialist
  • Call center agent
  • Cleaning and maintenance agent
  • House painter
  • Home childcare
  • Home cleaning service
  • Others (call us first at +33140346468)

If you'd like to work independently in the service sector or start a small business in France, or you’ve an idea of starting an individual project beside your regular job, you’ve to register yourself as a Micro-entrepreneur.

In 2016, the two legal statuses, Auto-entrepreneur and Micro-enterprise, were merged into a single status ‘Micro-Entreprise’ to facilitate stronger economic activities.

Micro-entreprise status is not appropriate for all lines of work, such as artistic or a regulated profession.

The formalities may vary depending on the nature of your work. A number of self-employed activities are not registered with the RCS of the commercial court. You will only have SIREN/SIRET numbers, not a K-bis. URSSAF will be your sole point of contact.

Before registration make sure whether your professional activity complies with the law. In case of doubt, talk to a competent person or write to us.

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